Writing services for special literary creations

Leonardo Da Vinci is a person of great interest for most creative minds. He was an amazing effervescence of crude talent, raised to immortal art status. In the last couple of years, we dared to study the grand master’s works of art, as a painter and sculptor. Why? Our goals was to emulate his creative narrative. Sometimes we manage to tap into the honey pot while other times we resume our base study. We are apprentices of a genius, but on path to become legendary in our line of work.

The last couple of years were incredible. As writers, we got the chance to discover literary creation at its finest emanations of charm. It was amazing. We had to adapt to our client’s various desires in order to deliver captivating creations. What can we do for you in terms of literary creations?

  • EBook
  • Ghostwriting
  • Brochures
  • Brainstorming sessions
  • Product and service descriptions and presentations
  • Branding: name, digital identity, and strategy

How to transform your idea into a fruitful reality? How to transform that glimmer of genius into a working plan? With a little bit of help, any dream can take form. Do you have an odd literary idea with potential? Let us discuss it! Maybe together, your idea can become something special to other persons.

eBook and ghostwriting

We noticed in the last couple of years that unique creations stood out from the literary crowd.  Literary creations with the “It” factor manage to capture the hearts and minds of thousands if not millions of people. We are also fond of quirky works of art. There is an evolution of literary art with a bright future: eBooks. More and more people want to put their ideas in eBooks but they do not seem to find the free time to make things happen.

They have ideas about a specific topic with the potential of becoming a story but (drumrolls) free time is a major obstacle. Today’s dynamic lifestyle makes it a challenge to pursue hobbies (even though people should do it more often). This where we come in to provide assistance. The literary metamorphosis starts with a simple “Hello”. Ebooks are very popular, especially for those that have tablets and use smartphones on a daily basis. Tablets can transform the reading experience.

We read books in digital format. The overall experiences were pleasant and interesting. If you read a book on your tablet, then you get a new set of emotions. The same thing can be said about audiobooks (we are very fond of them). Our working patterns are clean, professional, discrete, and professional.

Creativity will guide our steps towards results worth reading in a book. Get used to satisfied readers and a new source of income. We are willing to collaborate with you to create eBooks and various ghostwriting projects. Full discretion and confidentiality ensured. Contact us and together we shall find creative solutions to your literary plans!

Personalized brochures and impact creations

Online brochures and offline ones are part of the marketing plans of any firm. We wrote texts for a wide range of captivating brochures, optimal for different industries (hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, rent a car, e-commerce, and others). Every type of brochure helped us to discover new and fascinating industries, with incredible particularities. A successful brochure can easily sell apartments, cars, food, electronics, and other products/services.

We will use everything in our creative toolbox to create captivating texts. Expand your marketing effort with a lively brochure. Depending on your area of activity, we can develop a brochure to improve business results. We live in a dynamic and fluid world, with changes at every corner. This is why you should use all the modern digital instruments in order to promote your business. Furthermore, a brochure can mirror the advantages of using your product or service. How to create it? Let us have a talk and together we will identify the optimal structure of a qualitative brochure!

How about descriptions, product and service presentations?

Our start in the digital world was marked to product and service descriptions and presentations. Such a complex and full of questions beginning! We learned from various mistakes and through hard work and patience, we grew from one project to another. It was obvious to us, that product/service descriptions and essential to companies. Firms with websites need adequate descriptions of products, services, and visions. Clients appreciate clear texts with no gimmicks or delay in gratification.

You cannot write anything or treat with indifferent descriptions of products that you want to sell. Services are in the same situation. You need good quality text. So, when can we start? Just kidding. Clients have to understand what you are offering. After careful analysis and documentation of your products or services, we will write captivating descriptions.

We know many firms that face an important problem: branding done in a hurry. They ignore it until they cannot. Lack of vision can be costly, especially if you are just starting out and budget represents a problem. We know that time is an obstacle in defining your firm branding strategy. Take the first steps towards digital success!

Branding: Name, Digital Identity, and Optimization strategies

  1. How do we choose the right name? Will it be perfect for clients? Will they remember it?
  2. How to develop a digital identity on all channels? Do we have a brand manual?
  3. What is the best marketing plan for a start-up or small company?
  4. When do we start and where do we want to go?

Managers, company administrators, CEOs, often raise these questions and entrepreneurs. They want to transform their firm into brands. It is normal for companies to have solid digital footprints, recognizable by clients. The development process of a brand may include the following phases:

  1. Research
  2. Identification of values, promises, goals, solid framework
  3. Developing options: name, branding elements (color scheme, content vibe, engagement, values, attachment, efficiency, and more)
  4. Start IQ. We harness the best ideas and turn them into profitable objective realities. Business-wise, we create a brand that stands out from the crowd.

Adapt to the growing changes of the digital world. Choose us to be by your side at any moment of the brand development. Do you have a dynamic creative project? Use our knowledge!

Do you want our help? Contact us with confidence!

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